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We deliver advice and convey in best performs in accounts and finance for the clients. We create strong routes and panels during the first stage of our arrangement. We deliver tailored and sensible MIS to our amenities usually includes MIS reporting, payroll management, receivables management, taxation, book-keeping and fund management.

Accounts and Records are the most significant part of the business. It very important for a businessman to have effective control over the Account section for huge growth of the business.

Our solution enables seamless delivery of services and excludes the need to have separate labor consultants, tax consultants, CA’s, CS’s and accounting executives. We are able to provide high-quality services at a fraction of cost incurred to keep an in-house team by adopting a shared service model.

Our solution goes beyond the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. We establish robust processes and controls during the first phase of our engagement, ensuring prudent risk management for clients and smooth day-to-day functioning for the client’s operations team. We provide advice and bring in best practices in finance and accounts for the client. We provide customized and timely MIS to our services typically include book-keeping, payroll management, vendor payments, receivables management, taxation, compliance management, secretarial, fund management and MIS reporting.

Pack of  20

Pack of 20

20 Events, Either live Webinar/Conference or on-demand i.e valid for 12 months Flat 50% oFF..

$ 599.00

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